3rd Gen 4Runner (96'-02')

  • 80 Series Fuel Cap (GAS-1) Toyota Truck Fuel Cap

    Toyota Truck Fuel Cap

    OEM fuel cap for the 80 Series Land Cruiser, all years. If you are having fuel system CELs that are tough to narrow down, its commonly the charcoal canister or could be the fuel cap. Yes, they do go bad. OEM part no. 77310-35080 Fits:• Toyota...

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  • OEM Panel Trim Retainer-Maroon (PTR-1)- sold individually

    OEM Panel Trim Retainer- Maroon

    You know when you are removing plastic trim panels from your Toyota or Lexus vehicle and those stupid little retainer clips ALWAYS break? Do you know why they break? It turns out you touched them. A decade or two of time and heat cycles will do that to...

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  • Toyota Magnetic Differential Plug Kit (DPK-1) Aluminum vs Steel crush washers

    OEM Magnetic Differential Plug Kit

    These OEM Magnetic Differential Plugs fit all Toyota 2WD and 4WD trucks and SUVs. These are the hex plugs that replace the easily damaged diff fill and drain plugs. The originals can be easily damaged from off-roading or from a tool rounding out the hex...

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