Speski Barriers Acquired by Wits' End

Wits’ End Acquires Speski Offroad, LTD

West Hills, CA – April 14, 2019 – Wits’ End™, a leading manufacturer of off-road and overlanding accessories catering to the Off-Road community, announced today it has acquired Speski Offroad, LTD, a company long-known for developing and manufacturing barriers for various Land Cruiser vehicles.

Wits’ End, with this acquisition, now provides safety accessories from Speski Offroad, LTD. Speski Offroad’s product line has become synonymous with ease of use, great design, affordability, and durability. The acquisition enhances Wits’ End’s in-house prototyping and design capability, and the opportunity to further expand its R&D projects. Physically, the inventories will combine at the Wits’ End headquarters in West Hills, CA and will culminate this week.

“I've have always had great respect for Speski Offroad, LTD and their achievements. This is truly an ideal acquisition for us - the two product lines are fully compatible and complimentary with no overlap. The Speski Offroad line strengthens Wits’ End’s positioning ultimately enabling us to provide some of the most unique security, safety and overlanding solutions to our customers,” said Joey Romero, Founder and CEO of Wits’ End.

“We are really excited that the culmination of Speski Offroad’s product line is going to be seamlessly integrated into Wits’ End’s unique product offerings. Now, both new and legacy customers of both companies will benefit by having access to customizable products and solutions that they need,” -Corbet Hoover, Founder of Speski Offroad, LTD.

At the time of this release, the majority of the Speski product line offering is available on the Wits' End website. Any links, bookmarks and searches that previously went to the Speski Offroad, LTD website will now be redirected to the Wits' End site.  

About Wits’ End™
Wits’ End, headquartered in West Hills, California, is a manufacturer of safety, security and interior products for Land Cruisers and other Toyota trucks. To learn more about the products and services available from Wits’ End, visit

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