Accessory Panel Units (APU)

The Accessory Panel Units are one of the first items developed by Wits' End and has completely changed how folks organize something as simple as the center console. Nothing worse then going off-road and listening to everything in the console bouncing around so you can't find anything later.

  • Accessory Panel Unit-100 Series early (APU-4) 100 Series prototype unit. The final will look close to this but more refined.

    Accessory Panel Unit-100 Series early

    There comes a time when you just get annoyed. Frustrated at the disorganized clutter in your armrest. When you can't find the simplest things when you need it. "I know I have a flashlight in here somewhere!" Now you have the opportunity to clean up...

  • VHB Adhesive Backed Male Snap (4pk) (VHB-1)

    VHB Adhesive Backed Male Snap (4pk)

    The Accessory Panel Units already come with a full set of screw studs necessary for installation. If you find yourself in need of additional snaps for additional mounting options then we have more available. YKK® SNAD® Black 25mm Adhesive Backed...

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