• Is there any kind of fireproofing on the LockBoxes?
Zero. That is outside of the purpose of this box. If the truck burns down around the box then you have larger concerns at that point.

• I like the idea of a combination lock more so than a keyed lock. I don't like keys on my key ring. I've never had a second key on my 80 key ring.
Combination locks will be made available as well. It will be option but the combo locks will require a different lid and it will mean the lock will NOT be flush with the lid which means the concealment liner cannot be used unless a hole was cut for it.

 • I'd love to see one of these for the 100 series (with room to lock away a full frame pistol).
This is all dependent on having the availability of getting access to 100 Series to get a casting made and fully understand the mounting options. Update: the casting has been completed for the 1998-2003 100 Series. Production of the LockBox will depend greatly on demand.

• What type of locks are you using for the lids?
Medeco M3 for all of the keyed locking lids. For more info on the Medeco M3 locks please click here.

• So at some point, will you be willing to provide exterior sizes for each model for those of us with some extra stuff in the console to pick one for off-label usage?
Final dimensions pending.

• Will you conduct any type of torture test(s) on the lock box? Specifically, how long/how many whacks with a large flathead screwdriver and a hammer will it take to get into the box?
This isn't an accurate test because that would be outside the scope of utilization of the LockBox. If you can have it in front of you with a mallet and prybar then that means its already been removed from not only the center console but also from the vehicle itself. It then means that the person who absconded with the LockBox now has all the time in the world to figure out how to open it. Trying to open it WHILE its bolted in the center console WHILE its bolted into the vehicle is what gives this particular design its strength. If its to be tested then that is the condition it needs to be tested in. That is what its designed for. Anything outside of those parameters means its being repurposed anywhere. That being said...I'm not warrantying anything against theft so...

Thieves are smarter than me, I won't pretend.

• I will only buy one if you give it a dynamite test. I frequently carry dynamite and I want to know if it will hold up. Also, I would like a 20% discount and for you to ship it for free.
On it, hahaahahahahaha! :P

• Will there be an LX version? What about for the 60s and early 80s with the other center console?
Yes, all of thos designs are being worked out now and will start production once the later 80 Series LockBox is done and all of the issues worked out, if any.

• So at some point, will you be willing to provide exterior sizes for each model for those of us with some extra stuff in the console to pick one for off-label usage?
Yes although both 80s will have sloped sides so it's not a perfectly square box. It would be tapering out towards the top. Not a lot but it's there. The taper adds to the security because it further prevents prying. As soon as the proto sizing are verified I'll give exact dimensions. For right now if everyone can give me the height of their firearm laying flat that would help. Model and height, width and depth. More than anything I want to make sure I'm not too shallow. I think I'm ok but just in case.

• What about charging cables?
Added in a hole for an accessory plug such as USB. iPhone, mini-USB plug. This way if you want to throw in your phone or iPod or whatever you can can at least charge it while its in there. You would need to cut a small matching hole in the plastic of the console but that shouldn't be a big I deal I should hope.

• Can you have the indention on your box be the right depth for your choice of keyed lock but have the diameter wide enough that this will fit in the depression? That way your single product will work for most keyed and combination style cam locks (the push button type are significantly larger than this one.) Other options would be to provide either (1) an optional flat lid which would accommodate any lock but wouldn't be able to be completely flush in any configuration or (2) washers or nuts that could be stacked in the depression to level it with the rest of the lid to simulate a flat but slightly thicker lid and allow most locks to be used.
The combo lock option seems to be less and less likely at this point. It seems all of the combo cam locks I've tracked down are all variations of the same lock. There are two issues: 1) The width of the bezel makes puts it too close to the standard Medeco cam and means I would need to redesign all of the Medeco cams to work with the very few combo locks that are used and 2) the overall size of the combo lock is larger than any off-the-shelf die that is used so there is no possible way of making it flush without creating a brand new custom die. This is 6 weeks and my cost on just this one part is $850. So I'm dropping the combo lock option all together. Even if I made the flat lids with the DD cut out for the lock, it would still need to be spot welded to the hinge and lockbox. Yeah too much of a pain for something that I HOPE people actually want enough to actually purchase. If there is demand enough then I will go back to the drawing board for the combo lock.

• Is this hermetically sealed? You know, so I can put my weed in there!
Hey what you do with your LockBox is your business. Let your Freak Flag Fly!

• Ummm I thought the box was going to be as tall as the opening. Why not design it that way to get the most of the space ? I guess concealment when using the liner ? Disapointing to me... any chance you'll make one that uses the entire space ?
No, it was never going to be designed like that. Makes it very obvious there is something there that is "hidden". Plus it makes access to the lid very easy to pry open. Having it recessed makes prying very difficult. If there is reasonable demand I could make those as well but I don't see think there will be. UPDATE: There will be a LockBox 80 Scout which is a taller 5" version. This is still 3" below the top of the console.

• The LockBox is still coming with the liner as well right? I noticed it was a separate item on the website.
The Lockbox includes the inside 3/16" felt inside wall lining along with a rust inhibiting foam rubber liner for the LockBox itself. Also included is a 30" length of thinner adhesive lined felt just in case the thicker 3/16" felt takes away too much interior space for your application.  The Concealment Liner is extra and goes over the top of the LockBox giving it "false bottom" feel.

• Hold on, hold on! You'll still produce the LX version of the box, right? Riiiight?
Yeah, no reason not to since I have the casting and the SolidWorks file ready to go. Since only about 5 or less would actually purchase it the price to produce it will likely prevent people from pulling the trigger. Getting 5 made of some something vs getting 50 made of something is an amazing example of economics of scale. I worry the price will scare people away from the LX version. But we shall see. Let me get this one completed and then use any issues to make sure the LX, the 60 and 62 versions to be betterer

• The lid looks great! If it would save you a few bucks in manufacturing costs, there's probably no need to recess the lock on the FEM lid since it doesn't need to "disappear" like the console lock box does.
Well it's more about consistency and spreading the cost of the die. The emboss gives you a flat lid. Now if you wanted to mount things on top of the lid and let's say maybe...conspicuously "hide" the keyhole you can. Since I'm paying $650 anyway for one stupid die, I would like to get as much utilization out of it in order for it to pay for itself.

• Are longer bolts needed and do they come with the box when purchased?
Yes to both. Longer bolts are needed AND they come with the LockBox. The replacement bolts are actually button head cap screws and fairly low profile. This type of bolt was chosen due to ts profile and so that it will have minimal intrusion under the rubber liner.