• 60 Series Door Regulator Handle Escutcheon (ESC-1)

    60 Series Door Regulator Handle Escutcheon

    Yes...escutcheon. I had to look up the word too, don't feel bad. These go behind the door handle on manual window crank handles. Part no: 69266-22010-08 es·cutch·eon /əˈskəCHən/ noun: escutcheon; plural noun: escutcheons; noun:...

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  • 60 Series Dome Light Lens (DLL-2)

    60 Series Dome Light Lens

    Dome light lens found on 80s and 90s Toyota Trucks and cars. Original is very likely either crumbling or very yellow or melted. Part no: 81241-20060 Fits:• Toyota 4Runner 1984-1995 • Toyota Land Cruiser 1981-1990 • Toyota Pickup 1984-1995...

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  • ScanGauge II Mounting Bracket (SMB-1)

    ScanGauge II Mounting Bracket

    If you have a vehicle with OBD2 then chances are you've considered an UltraGauge or better yet, a ScanGauge2 in order to see your ECU's vehicle parameters and check engine light (CEL) status. Once you decide you want a ScanGauge then comes the daunting...

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  • OEM Panel Trim Retainer-Maroon (PTR-1)- sold individually

    OEM Panel Trim Retainer- Maroon

    You know when you are removing plastic trim panels from your Toyota or Lexus vehicle and those stupid little retainer clips ALWAYS break? Do you know why they break? It turns out you touched them. A decade or two of time and heat cycles will do that to...

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  • Generic Mirror Arm and Block- 80 Series (GMA-2)

    Generic Mirror Arm and Block- 80 Series

    Although the Generic Mirror Block has been available for over a year now and has been installed on many Land Cruisers, not everyone wants to glue a wedge onto the windshield. This is where the Generic Mirror Arm & Block comes in. These...

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  • Standard L-Track Endcap (LTE-1)

    Standard L-Track Endcap

    When you are trying to figure out how to best secure the cargo in your vehicle, one of the options that tends to come up is the utilization of L-track. Now there are a few places to purchase L-track, especially on Amazon. But after ordering several...

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  • Microphone Button- Basic 1/4-20" (MBB-1)

    Microphone Button- Basic 1/4-20

    Although this microphone button was initially designed for use with the Useless Cubby Insert, it was also designed to be universal. All you need is a flat surface and a 1/4"-20 threaded hole and you have a mic button. This mic button is made from Delrin...

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