Accessory Panel Units



• Do they make rivet in snaps?
We sourced American made snaps to assemble these panels. Getting very very hard to find anymore since it seems everything is going to China. Ugh.
There are vendors that have a few mounting options, riveted snaps are one option.

• I'd like to get my hands on one of these. They do make screw on or self-tapping snaps?
There are self tapping, machine screwed, expanding end, adhesive...
Some require access to the rear of the panel and some do not. Its all dependent on the material and location that you are mounting the panels to.

• Would these panels work with the new icrap console made by CruiserCrap?
Based on a quick measurement - the 5.5"x7" (APU-1) would be a perfect fit! All someone would have to do is remove the clip and tap new screw holes for the panel.

• Does it have a way for straps to run through on the sides? I can see it being useful as a visor organizer as well. At least for the few of us who have visors that can support the extra weight.
We thought about doing exactly that. There is another company doing some lame tacticool jobby but the issue I had was with the weight. Pens are one thing. Add in a knife or window punch or an all metal pencil gauge or flashlight and the visor will drop. Hell, a simple bump will make the visor droop in the 80 Series Land Cruisers.

• Personally, I like the idea of snaps, but there are industrial strength Velcro strips avail. While your at it, there could be plenty of uses/spots for pouches.
Yes to industrial velcro but the adhesive issue is still there due to the heat. I didn't want to chance it so a mechanical option is preferred.
Yes these ARE intended to be mounted anywhere but the sizes are based on the 80 Series Land Cruiser's center console. But, you can mount these on any flat or curve surface as long as you can mount (4) snaps. Sky is the limit. ;)

• I like the idea but it would be nothing but a tampon holster in my truck.
When it was originally conceived, Tampons were actually considered for part of the design. We laugh but I think we've all been there.

• Oh wait, think I mis-interpreted the pic. So it snaps together and folds?
No. There are four snaps on the back and that is what is used to attach it to our consoles. The pouch has two layers, the top that you see that has all of the spots to hold stuff. Right behind it is a second "hidden" layer. The hidden layer is sandwiched together using velcro. In other words, when installed you dont even know the second layer is there...unless you pull on the logo plate and expose the second layer. That second layer has pouches for cash, credit cards, passport, cell phone, etc. The idea is if someone is going to steal anything, they will just steal the light or the knife or whatever not knowing there is a panel behind it.

• One thing that would be cool is 99% of the areas we wheel have no cell coverage, and I hate tossing my phone in the glove box, carrying on me is useless, so possible a pocket to secure in there?
Yes, the rear pocket can easily hold a cell phone.