• Wits' End Quick Release KeyChain

Wits' End Quick Release KeyChain

Weight: 0.10 LBS

Product Description

You just purchased the Wits' End LockBox or the LockingLid and here you are staring at the shiny new Medeco lock. You are now in possession of one of Medeco's new M3 keys but you need a way to quickly get the key to the lock without having to stop the vehicle or get your entire set of keys out. Enter the Wits' End Quick Release KeyChain. The KeyChain consists of three components: the wire, the ring anf the clip. The Titanium Spring Clip is laser etched with the Wits' End logo which goes nicely with the Medeco keys you just got.

• Short Coated Wire Keychain
   - Strong, flexible, corrosion-resistant aircraft cable key ring.
   - Coated Stainless Steel.
   - Crimp for permanent closure.
   - Approx.  5" in length.
   - Twist them into a 'figure 8' to help open.

• Titanium Spring Clip
   - Lite-weight and highly corrosion resistant.
   - Approx 1.3''x 1.6''x .17" thick
   - Made of Titanium
   - Stainless Steel spring

• Flat Titanium Splitring
   - Lite-weight and offer maximum corrosion resistance.
   - Approx .088" width