Refuse Containment System (RCS)


Introducing the Glorified Trash Bin or Refuse Containment System (RCS)

I have no idea about you but I know how I am when I am going camping or doing a long road trip, I turn into a slob. I will usually hear from my son, "Dad where do I put the trash?"

My response has always been the same, "Just throw it in the back and we'll deal with it next time we get gas".

Do we deal with it next time we get gas? No, instead we are loading up with more crap to eat instead. Then you are a week into the trip and that banana peel you forgot about is coming back with a vengeance. This has been my system for years. No problem really, until I came home and my wife was in absolute horror. Something had to be done. There is the Trasharoo for outside of the truck but nothing worth putting in the inside of my truck. Well, it was time to fix that.