• Toyota Magnetic Differential Plug Kit (DPK-1)
  • Aluminum vs Steel crush washers

OEM Magnetic Differential Plug Kit

Weight: 0.50 LBS

Product Description

These OEM Magnetic Differential Plugs fit all Toyota 2WD and 4WD trucks and SUVs. These are the hex plugs that replace the easily damaged diff fill and drain plugs. The originals can be easily damaged from off-roading or from a tool rounding out the hex head. These are replacements that not only sit more flush against the differential housing AND use a simple Allen key to remove and tighten BUT they have magnets installed in each one to collect the tiny shavings commonly found in differential gear oil. Each kit is enough to do one axle. If doing front and rear then you will need two kits.

Needed: 10mm Hex bit

NOTE: These are steel washers INTENDED for use with the steel axle housings. Although the drain plug is the same for the transfer plug, you MUST use an aluminum washer when using these plugs with ANY aluminum bodied component.

Each kit contains (enough for one axle):
• (2) Magnetic Drain/Fill plugs
• (2) Steel crush washers