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Group Buys


For those that don't know what a Group Buy is, a Group Buy is when the collective membership of the forum (i.e. IH8MUD or ExPo) to get out a better price on any given product.

Not all products are ideally suited for Group Buys. The ideal products could be those that require significant up front charges to get a particular part made. On most occasions the memeber of the forum believe in the product enough that they pre-pay for those items so that an individual or a company has the funds to move forward on the product/project.

• How does the Wits' End Group Buy work?
When ready, I'll send you an email/newletter letting you know what the group buy item is. There could be just one item or there could be options within those items. There will be a link included on how to buy, where to pay, and the time limit for the item. Normally, all funds are collected up front (thus the 'group' part), or they'll be ordered in groups- say a new 'group order' every week. First come, first serve. Or it may find up being just a single group buy and then that product transitions to a normally stocking items and normally stocking price.

Products are either drop shipped directly from the Wits' End, or may be shipped from a local dealer for that product...assuming I have dealers at that point ;)

Group Buys are huge time suck so a bit of patience is in order if you participate in one. Group Buys are not fool-proof but I will do everything in my power to make sure it is successful. Hopefully by now I've already earned your trust.

• Do I need to be a member of IH8MUD to particpate?
No. This is not about exclusivity. Its about numbers to be honest. I get price breaks depending on how many units I can do at one time. There is economics of scale that come into play and the only way I can actually get better pricing on source materials and labor is to increase the order size. So the more the merrier.

• Can I tell ExPo or -->insert random website forum here<--
Word of mouth is always a wonderful thing. If you are posting (or cut & pasting) the Group Buy announcement to another forum, just make sure the site administrators are okay with it. I don't want to get yelled at :P

• Who is the contact person for a Wits' End Group Buy?
All Wits' End Group Buys...and for that matter ALL sales, would be going thru one of three people: me, myself and I. You are free to work with any of those or just email:

• Is there a Group Buy going on now that I can get in on?
Any Wits' End Group Buy will be listed on the Group Buy page. I don't expect this to occur too often but when they do happen I will be sure to post the info on the Group Buy Page.