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Gauge Mount & Battery Disconnect



• Does the Flaming River disconnect the positive cable from main battery to starter?
No, it disconnects the ground. Its what the race car guys typically do. We supply 1/0 cable for engine block to disconnect, 1/0 cable for disconnect to battery neg and 4awg cable for  disconnect to fender. Everything will already be terminated and will be as plug-n-play as humanly possible. The goal, with everything wired, is to take the confusion and guess work out of installation. You replace the negative/ground cables. You hook up one wire to the aux battery and one wire to the main battery. Done.

• I already have a digital voltmeter that I wired into both of my batteries, it's mounted in my dash where the cubby/pop out cup holder would be.
Those voltmeters don't help you when you are working on your truck unless you walk over and keep checking :flipoff2:

• How does the 12v probe work? Does it use the voltmeter gauge to display the voltage the probe picks up? That would be really useful, especially if the probe cables are plenty long, like 6 feet or so.
Bingo. The switch is a three-way momentary switch. Center is for the probe. Custom probes are made because the extra length was needed.

• I am thinking the two switches would be perfect for overhead LED hood light and perhaps some strategically placed rock lights to light up the undercarriage (for night time wrenching)...yes, I definately need this! switch is included and that is for the hood light really although it can be anything. The switch is pre-wired in the supplied Blue Sea fuse panel and we also include a 2-pin Metri-Pack connector waiting for you to attach the other side of the Metri-Pack connector to it. Easy peasy. Nothing to think about. The second switch is a round hole knock-out and can be wired for whatever is needed. We included all the necessary wiring for the one switch.

• So you disconnect the ground, makes perfect sense in a single battery setup. For a dual or more battery setup, will this still work? I have 1/0 grounds from both batteries to the block (2 seperate block grounds). Each battery also has a 4ga body ground. Will interrupting the main battery ground in that scenario still shut down power?
Each battery, alternator, generator, solar charger is its own power source. Each is independently supplying current to the overall electrical system. You also have about a dozen factory grounding points within the vehicle. When you disconnect any one particular ground, you sever the current path to anything that is using that ground path. So unless your DC device has several grounds installed, cutting the the ground path cuts the power to that DC device. So in a dual battery situation, unless both grounds were sharing the same ground cable (which does happen in some installations), then a disconnect will only affect the battery its connected to. For dual batteries there would be dual disconnects. Now, for ultimate in safety both of the ground cables from both of the batteries would go thru a single disconnect. If you look at how race cars are setup, they share a single ground disconnect for all electrical systems. Personally I actually have a separate disconnect for the AUX battery that is mounted inside my center console.