• Bushing Press Tool- 53mm (BPT-53)
  • Bushing Press Tool- 53mm (BPT-53)
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  • Bushing Press Tool- 53mm (BPT-53)

Bushing Press Tool- 53mm

Weight: 2.00 LBS

Product Description

The 53mm Bushing Press Tool is used to press out the old REAR of the lower control arm bushings in the 80 Series Land Cruisers in order to press in new OEM bushings. A serious press is in order, of course, and leaving the bushings in deep freeze overnight makes installation a snap. They will contract ever-so slightly and go in without a fuss. This tool is sized to work with the frame side of the lower control arms. The axle side bushing is a different size and this tool will not work for that application. This tool is 53mm wide and can be used in other sleeved and pressed bushing applications not associated with the Land Cruiser.

• 80 Series- Front, lower control arm, Frame side only
• 80 Series- Rear, lower control arm

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