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Quick site updates

Posted by Joey Romero on Jan 19th 2016

Just a couple of general site updates:

• Dielectric grease tubes will no longer be sold individually but will instead be included with all Metri-Pak products with no price change.
• 80 Series Window Auto-Up Diodes are back in stock. I sold out of the first batch and lost track of the remaining diodes. Well finally found them and assembled a bunch more:
• I am currently out of stock on the Nail Clippers but more are on order:
• The Glass Punches are back in stock:
• The Diagnostic Port SWITCHED Jump Wire is now 1/2 price. Evidently not a lot of folks utilize the switched feature sometimes needed when you need a pulse signal:…/
• Although a free Wits' End sticker comes with the vast majority of orders, I have more available since I've been asked every now and again. I still have plenty that I had made. Cutting the price for the 3-pak in 1/2 to $4.50 for the set.