• Accessory Panel Unit (APU-2), 5" x 8.5"
  • Accessory Panel Unit Selection Guide
  • Accessory Panel Unit (APU-2), 5" x 8.5" (tools shown are for display only)
  • Accessory Pouch Unit (APU-2), 5" x 8.5" rear (cards and cash shown are for display only)
  • APU2 location on the underside of the 2004 100 Series Land Cruiser.
  • APU2 mounted to the underside of the 2004 100 Series Land Cruiser.
  • The mess you are trying to get rid of.
  • Time to organize this mess.
  • APU-2 mounted into an LX450

Product Videos

APU1 Installation Video 05:27

This is the installation video for specifically the Wits' End APU-1 but it can really be used for any of the APU installations since they all use the same DOT Snap system.

  • APU1 Installat...
    This is the installation video for specifically the Wits' End ...

Accessory Panel Unit, 5"x8.5"

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Product Description


There comes a time when you just get annoyed. Frustrated at the disorganized clutter in your armrest. When you can't find the simplest things when you need it. "I know I have a flashlight in here somewhere!"

Now you have the opportunity to clean up the clutter. By attaching the the APU-2 to the underside of your center console, you give yourself a perfect place to store those pieces of gear that could be placed out of the way. If you hate the contents of your center console banging around while off-roading, this is for you. If you hate the contents of the console sliding to the bottom everytime you lift up the armrest, this is for you. If you hate not being able to find the simplest things that you know you have, this is for you.

Although these panels were made for very specific vehicles in mind, in this case the underside of the top lid of the center console of the Lexus LX450 or Land Cruiser 80 Series, the size is what matters. If you have a flat spot where you can fit (4) snaps in a 5" x 8.5" space then you can mount this item. Mount it in the back in the cargo area. Mount it in your drawers. Mount in on your door. Mount it anywhere.

The front panel contains five elastic webbing sections that can be used to hold anything from a small screwdriver to a flashlight to a knife and anything else along that size. Hidden behind the front panel though is a second panel that you can use to hide some spare cash and maybe a calling card or gas card or credit card. When the APU-2 is mounted it looks like its just a flat panel. But to those that know, there is a second panel behind it.

5" x 8.5"
• Made with 1000 Denier Nylon
• High Density closed cell foam
• 2 inch Nylon elastic webbing
• Hook and Loop closure
• Attaches using (4) USA made snaps
• Hand made in Los Angeles, CA, USA

* Tools shown are NOT included, photographed for examples only.

Package Includes:
• APU-2 Panel
Template w/instructions
(4) #8 3/8" Stainless Steel Tapping Screw Snap

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NOTE Due to the lighter containing butane, this product can ONLY be shipped ground when ordered with the loaded package (which contains the Wits' End Lighter). This cannot be shipped via AIR nor internationall. This means no Hawaii or Alaska either.

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