Stickers and Patches

  • OEM 1FZ-FE Engine Name Plate OEM 1FZ-FE Engine Name Plate (ENP-1)

    OEM 1FZ-FE Engine Name Plate

    Used only on the very early 1FZ production engines from 8-92 to 5-93. From that point on the emblem was not installed. could certainly add one. If you originally had one either it was added by somebody or the engine (at least the valve cover)...

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  • Reproduction Super Charger labels

    Reproduction Super Charger labels

    These are reproduction labels needed to be CARB compliant when installing a Super Charger in your 1FZ Land Cruiser. Commonly people are acquiring used super chargers but aren't able to get replacement labels. A handful of these were made to help out...

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  • TEQ Morale Patch

    TEQ Morale Patch

    No Toyota enthusiast should be without this TEQ  morale patch. Add one to your collection or start a collection today.  Morale patches are fun as you display your interest to your peers and draw on that common bond of TEQ in the Land Cruiser...

  • ARB to TEQ Conversion Sticker TEQ domed stickers by Wits' End

    ARB to TEQ Conversion Sticker

    For those of you with ARB bumpers you should all be familiar with the style, the look, the heft and the commanding nature that owning an ARB bumper gives you. But when you drive a Toyota you want something to make it feel...special. Everyone can see you...